RTO Materials

Our story

RTO Materials was founded in Western Australia in 2009 when at the time, Sarah and Dave, the CEOs, owned a busy RTO of their own.

Having experienced the trouble of finding learning resources that were high-quality whilst still affordable, they recognised there was a gap in the VET market for a training resource provider that offered excellent learning materials that were cost effective. Thus, RTO Materials was created.

From humble beginnings, RTO Materials has continued to flourish as the years have gone by and is a thriving company with over 2000 active, satisfied customers. We have grown in size, and we now have a large team of specialist instructional designers who are continually developing new VET training materials, as well as updating and improving our ever-expanding catalogue. We are so proud about the number of customers we have been able to help in our nine years in business and look forward to the many more of you who we will work with in the coming years. Our focus has, and will always continue to be, to provide RTOs with quality training resources which represent a great investment. We really hope you will become a valued part of our journey.