RTO Materials E-Learning Package

A quick, easy and affordable way to get your very own LMS up and running – we’ve done all of the hard work for you!

  1. The Basics
  2. SCORM Files
  3. Moodle Files
  4. Editing Our Training Resources
  5. An e-learning solution to suit all of your needs...
  6. How much is your e-learning package?

The Basics

What do I get in the e-learning package?

You get both the SCORM and Moodle backup file for your selected unit.

This means you can use whichever file format suits your needs better.

Where can I find the e-learning package units?

The e-learning package units are grouped in our ‘LMS’ package. They can all be found here.

Alternatively, you can just use our website’s search function and type the unit code, plus ‘e-learning package’ to locate the appropriate product.

Which units are available in the e-learning format?

Almost all of our entire catalogue is available in the e-learning format.

However, if you can’t find your unit available in the e-learning package, get in touch with Sarah or Emily and we’ll get it created for you ASAP.


What are SCORM files?

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model – it is a file format that enables you to build online training packages that will work across any SCORM conformant system.

This means you can use it across multiple organisations and systems, once you have built the SCORM package.

How do I upload a SCORM file?

This will vary depending on the LMS you are using.

However, full instructions on uploading SCORM packages to Moodle can be found here.

Also, you can upload SCORM packages into SCORM authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline and Udutu.

What do I have to do to a SCORM file once I’ve uploaded it?

Our SCORM files are extracted from our Moodle LMS (Learning Management System). Once you upload them to a SCORM editor or directly into you LMS, all of the training materials will upload, formatted and in order.

However, you will still have to make some changes in order to get your SCORM package ready for delivery and audit compliant.

The primary change is to create the activities – while activities from our units will upload, they will only upload as a text page (rather than a functioning activity). However, these pages will serve as placeholders, telling you where you need to insert activities.

We supply our assessor workbook document with our e-learning package, so you will have all of them information you need to create activities, including questions and answers.

Moodle Files

What are Moodle backup files?

Moodle backup files are exactly as they sound – a backup of a Moodle file. The files are backups from our own LMS, and come fully formatted and structured. They are essentially ready to deliver from the moment you upload them.

How do I upload a Moodle backup file?

All you need to do is use Moodle’s ‘course restore’ function.

Full instructions can be viewed here.

What can I do in Moodle?

Moodle is an open-source Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to create and edit courses.

For you, this means you can upload full units to deliver your training online, saving resources such as paper and training facilities. It also enables you to conduct distance learning easily and efficiently, as well as easily manage your student data.

Editing Our Training Resources

What features can I add to your e-learning package?

You can add as many features as your SCORM editor or LMS will let you – there is no restriction on functionality with our e-learning package.

For example, you can add slideshows, videos, interactive presentations, different types of activities, etc.

Can I edit the resources once uploaded?

Yes, as long as your LMS allows you administration access, you should be able to edit any feature of the LMS package you wish.

This means you can easily contextualise the content to your learner cohort’s needs, as you would do with our regular units.

An e-learning solution to suit all of your needs...

Our e-learning training package provides you with a convenient and affordable way to get your very own LMS up and running.

You can upload the very same learning resources you normally buy from us in a convenient format, ready to be used online.

You can edit the training resources easily, but all of the formatting and course layout has been done for you, saving you a very time-consuming task of creating your own online courses from scratch.

Time saving

Getting training resources online can be a very labour-intensive process. Our package means you save time, stress and money on your LMS.

Free lifetime updates

Just as with all of our other VET learning resources, you will get free updates for the lifetime of every unit. We’ll keep on top of things,
so you don’t have to!

Cost-effective training

Our e-learning package represents the best value on the market, with prices starting from $99 per unit.

How much is your e-learning package?

The e-learning package costs $499 per unit.

However, if you have already purchased the unit in its regular format, the cost is only $99 per unit. Just get in touch with either Sarah or Emily and they will arrange an invoice for you