The What, Why and How of E-Learning.

Posted on Feb 02, 2018

The implementation of a Learning Management System (LMS) into your RTO’s training delivery can be quite daunting. Understand the options & benefits here.


In this new-fangled world of technology, the latest trend in training is e-learning – in other words, the implementation of a Learning Management System (LMS) into your RTO’s training delivery.


We talk you through how you can start using e-learning in your RTO to enhance your training delivery.


What is e-learning?


E-learning is when you use computers, rather than paper to deliver training – typically, this is done via the internet.

Within the world of e-learning, you typically have an LMS – this is essentially the place where all of your online training is managed and delivered. A very popular LMS is Moodle, which is open-source and is continually updated by contributors from around the world.

The LMS then lets you build courses in it, including all of your learning content and assessments. Then, depending on which LMS you are using, you can also group students into ‘classes’, allow messaging between students and teachers, track progress online and manage your content, to name just a few things.


Why use e-learning?


E-learning offers a great way to expand your RTO’s reach to many more students. Here are just a few of the benefits it can offer:

  • Distance learning – students can undertake training from their home, at a time to suit them.
  • Decreased costs – no need to pay for expensive facilities to train students in person, or to print out resources for every student.
  • Easy management – LMS will store all of the data you need automatically, and allow you to group students and assign them to assessors. This means you can keep track of everything easily and generate the reports you need at the click of a button.
  • Less admin – LMS’ can generate reports and the evidence you need with the click of a button; this means less time doing paperwork and manually tracking everything.
  • Blended learning – if a totally online environment doesn’t suit you, you can use an LMS to mix and match. Deliver learning in the classroom and conduct assessment online, or vice versa.


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How can we help you?


One of the main drawbacks of using e-learning is the huge investment in time it takes to build the courses. If you already have a large library of courses, it can be difficult to get them all up online without investing a vast amount of time and money.

However, we can help make this problem non-existent for you with our fantastic value e-learning package, where you get two options for the price of one! We are offering you fully-formatted SCORM and Moodle files for our entire library of resources, ready to upload – these are the main two types of LMS file, allowing you the flexibility and choice you need.

With the SCORM file, you can upload our courses directly into your own LMS or a SCORM editing application. They are fully formatted and sequenced for your convenience – you can edit them, and add activities and other interactive resources to your version of the unit.

With the Moodle backup file, you can upload our courses – fully formatted and sequenced – into any Moodle-based LMS. All of the work has been done for you, and activities have been added too. You can then edit and add to them as you wish in your own LMS. 


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For more information please contact us on, or if you’d like to see a sample, click here and download the BSBADM302E unit. You can dive right in and upload it straight into your LMS or SCORM editing application.