40% 0ff For 2018

RTO Materials Compliant Learning Materials

Posted on Feb 26, 2018

We are offering new and existing clients 40% off all qualifications all year. Read on for more information...

Our year-long discount offer ends soon!


We are offering new and exisiting clients the opportunity to secure a 40% discount rate with us across all qualifications for 2018! Join our happy clients and save for the remainder of the year! 


"We have found RTO Materials' resources to be extremely useful, we have been purchasing from RTO Materials for 2 years. Resources can be contextualised for specific student cohorts. From a teaching perspective this ability to contextualise and customise is critical. This also saves us a lot of development time and money. We find the learner guides are particularly useful as learning materials for students. As all resources are sent electronically we can take advantage of very short turnaround times from ordering to receiving resources, allowing us to deliver even with short lead times"


Sarah and David RTO Materials Compliant Learning Resources


How to claim the offer:


To qualify for this you simply need to purchase 1 qualification before the end of close of business on Wedensday February 28th.


New to RTO?


If you are a new RTO or have simply never used us before, please do contact Sarah or Emily with any questions you may have. 


Worried about compliance?


All our products come with a lifetime licence AND a guarantee to pass audit. If in the unlikely event of there being an issue we will rectify any issues and support you through the process free of charge. Read more about our advice on how to avoid non-compliance at audit here.