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RTO Materials supporting documents

Posted on Jul 10, 2018

We have introduced new supporting documents that now come as standard with all new purchases. We are here to support you and arm you for audit.

Here at RTO Materials, we're always looking at ways to improve our resources. We've listened to our customers and we've taken steps to improve even further. In addition to the documents that you're already familiar with, we will now be introducing the following supporting documents*. 

RTO Materials supporting documents


Case Study Workbook

We realise that not every learner has access to the workplace. This is a supplementary workbook that provides learners without a workplace a chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skills relating to Performance Criteria. They provide case studies for learners and specific questions relating to them, to help them demonstrate their understanding. There are questions for each of the Performance Criteria.


Contextualisation guide

This document provides you with a guide to contextualising your documents for your learners, including a guide on validation, reasonable adjustments, industry consultation, reassessment processes, workplace evidence collection and simulated environments. This will help you tweak our resources to ensure your learners get the most tailored experience and help prepare you for audit.


Training and assessment strategy (TAS)

This template will allow you to prepare a plan for audit, where you can show training is delivered by qualified trainers/assessors, learners are offered support during the training and assessment process relative to their needs, facilities and educational support services are provided to students, and resources and facilities are provided to meet the learner cohort needs, giving them a fair and even chance of achieving competency. We provide two templates – one for individual units and one for qualifications.


RTO Materials statement of validation

This document outlines the processes we undertake when writing and updating our resources to make sure they are the highest quality and meet ASQA audit requirements. This can be used as supporting evidence when submitting your proof of validation at audit.


Student validation survey

This is a short survey concerning the learning and assessment materials, for students to complete post-completion of a unit. This can also be used as supporting evidence when submitting your proof of validation at audit, as it shows you take learner feedback into account when preparing your resources.


Work placement logbook

This document is to record the information during a student’s work placement, or time they spend shadowing others in the workplace. This can be used as evidence to show the time they have spent in a workplace and the tasks they have been doing, for use in units of competency and qualifications where workplace evidence is required.


Workplace documentation

To demonstrate and support workplace knowledge, workplace documents can be submitted to the assessor or third party. This document allows you to record which document shave been submitted by a student.


Workplace evidence

This document is a template to allow you to record which tasks have been completed in a workplace environment, with provision to record the location, date and hours of the tasks. This can be useful to give to a third party to record workplace tasks they observe the learner completing.


* Supporting documents will be included in all new releases and future updates.


View a sample here.