Hospitality Learning Resources

Browse our wide range of qualifications and units available for the hospitality sector including Hospitality Management, Food Safety and Responsible Service of Alcohol.

All of our learning resources benefit from a constant and continuous review and revision process. Not only do we gather feedback from our clients regularly, and make improvements based on that feedback, but we also update our training resources in line with any new standards and compliance requirements that are introduced, in order to maintain their accuracy, quality and relevance.

Our units of competency come with a complete package of training materials which include everything you need to begin training straight away. Documents are provided in Word and PowerPoint formats as soft copies so that you may save them onto your system, brand them with your colours and logos and contextualise them as needed. We also provide e-learning versions of our units (Moodle and SCORM).

Our units contain:

● Assessment Matrix (Mapping Document): This is the mapping document that shows which parts of the named documents apply to the individual performance criteria.

● Assessor Workbook: This document contains all of the example answers to the formative and summative assessments. It provides details on how to conduct observations and other general information for the assessor.

● Cover Sheet: This document outlines the main unit specifications and details the purpose of each document in more detail.

● Learner Evidence: This document can be used by the learner to document any prior relevant learning experience/qualifications relevant to the criteria they are being assessed on.

● Learner Guide: This document is the "textbook" for the course and provides learners with all the information they need to prepare for assessments.

● Learner Workbook: This document contains all of the formative and summative assessments for the learner to complete.

● Observation and Demonstration Checklists: This document provides a list of the observation/demonstration tasks, should the assessor need to document observation of performance requirements for the unit (directly or via a third party).

● PowerPoint Slides: This document provides summary slides to supplement the Learner Guide content and aid in the delivery of training.

● Session Plan: This document allows you to outline the location, date, time and details of the sessions, as well as any special requirements that need to be considered prior to delivery of the content.

● Version History: This details the updates that have been made to your unit, if applicable – it helps you quickly and easily add our changes to your contextualised documents.


We provide a variety of different qualifications and individual units from a range of different training packages. We're as flexible as you need us to be; you can choose the electives within each of our qualifications.



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