A look at the BSB60515 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing

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It is no secret that with the arrival and prolific growth of the internet and mobile technology, the demand for marketing professionals has never been so high. With more and more students electing to do marketing courses, to remain competitive and provide the best possible educational and training opportunities, colleges and educational institutions need to be able to provide the best training course materials.

RTO Materials can provide training resources and course material for the BSB60515 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing. Not only are the materials for this course exceptionally high quality, but they come at a low price and colleges and institutions can download them straight away.

The BSB60515 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing is an advanced diploma course that comprises of eight units. With RTO Materials, training institutions can purchase individual units or whole packages. You can even choose the electives you require in any package.

Let’s take a look at what the different units are in the BSB60515 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing and the training materials we provide for the course.  

Both the core and elective units on for this advanced diploma are shown on the Australian Government training website.

Core units

A total of eight units on the BSB60515 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing course  will need to be completed. Four of these units are core and four are elective.

The core units are:

            .           Manage the marketing process

            .           Manage market research

            .           Develop organisational marketing objectives

            .           Develop a marketing plan

There are many elective units for the course ranging from managing finances to designing and developing an integrated marketing communication plan. 

At least three elective unites must be chosen. One of the elective units may be selected from any current accredited course or endorsed Training Package at Diploma level or this qualification level.

RTO Materials’ training and course materials includes the following files for each unit of the  BSB60515 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing. The files are in MS Word and PowerPoint formats.

            .           New assessment criteria and definitions (available in MS Word)

            .           New Evidence Document (MS Word)

            .           Instructor Workbook/Guide (MS Word)

            .           Learner Workbook (MS Word)

            .           Learner Guide (MS Word)

            .           New Improved Session Plan (MS Word)

            .           PowerPoint presentation

            .           Assessment Matrix (Mapping Document)

Please note that RTO Materials are currently in the process of updating the BSB60515 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing qualification and its units so they are in-line with new BSB standards. Any new customers therefore buying the version of the course material mentioned above will receive a free update that contains the new V4 documents. Existing customers of the BSB60515 - Advanced Diploma of Marketing will also receive the free update.


Colleges and training centres should also be aware that all the materials in the MS Word and PowerPoint formats are fully editable.


For more information on training materials to help assist successful completion of the BSB60515 – Advanced Diploma of Marketing visit our product webpage or email: sarah@rtomaterials.com.au