How RTO Materials can help you find the right training materials and resources

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Training materials and resources are a vital component of any activity that involves knowledge achievement and retention. From academic books to training manuals, audio-visual aids to educational apps, training materials and resources vary tremendously.

For colleges and educational and training centres, getting the right materials can be a hugely influencing factor driving people to a particular centre and achieving great academic and training success.

Fortunately help is at end as RTO Materials is dedicated to helping training centres and colleges find the right training materials and resources.

What resources and materials does RTO Materials provide?

We offer a wide range of fully editable materials, which include the following:

                .               Assessment criteria and definitions

                .               Assessment matrix/mapping documents

                .               Evidence document

                .               Instructor workbook

                .               Learners guide

                .               PowerPoint presentation

                .               Session plans

                .               Free updates meaning students can have confidence their materials are upt-ot-date

                .               Adaptable with online content

Available in Word and PowerPoint

All our materials come in both Word and PowerPoint. Both Word and PowerPoint are easy programs to use. Whilst Word is an easy and effective way to create documents and complete numerous functions related to word processing, PowerPoint is a powerful tool for providing visual kicks and collaboration in presentations, as well as providing easy access and the ability to share information beyond an initial meeting.

All of our materials are fully-editable, meaning you can add, modify and edit at your leisure.

Trading since 2009

RTO Materials has been trading since June 2009. Prior to running RTO Materials, this family-run business operated a successful Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Perth for six years.

Our extensive experience in Vocational Education and Training (VET) means we are in the perfect position to advise colleges about vocational training materials and help them find the right training resources.

Quality training materials at cost-effective prices

Not only can training materials be expensive but they can also be inferior in quality. Being former RTO owners, RTO Materials appreciate just how frustrating, time-consuming and expensive locating quality training resources and materials can be.

RTO Materials offers high quality materials at low prices. We also place an emphasis on delivering a flexible approach to studying and learning. Consequently, with RTO Materials you also have the choice of purchasing individual units or whole packages. You also have the option of choosing the elective units you want in a package, giving your training institution additional flexibility and freedom.

Furthermore, all of RTO Materials prices include updates to materials, meaning if a unit is updated in any way or superseded we will provide you with an updated version of the unit free of charge.

Take a look at the broad range of training courses RTO Materials offers and the materials and resources available for each training course.

For more information on all of RTO Material’s products visit the website or contact us at: