Why use RTO Materials as your course materials provider?

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We look at a few reasons why you should use RTO Materials.

It stands to reason that accredited and quality training course materials are an essential component in assisting colleges and training centres deliver great results and help students attain their qualifications. The materials you use are an essential part of any training and teaching you deliver. High quality materials help participants get the most out of a course and to continue using their experience of the course well after they have attained the qualification and the training is over.

It is therefore within every college and training institution’s interest to have high-quality, accessible and affordable materials to help deliver first-rate results.

This is where RTO Materials can step in and help out.

Experience is everything

Since June 2009, RTO Materials has been providing quality training materials for a large number of courses throughout Australia. Prior to founding as a training resource and course material provider, we owned and successfully ran our own Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Perth for six years.

Being former RTO owners we appreciate how time-consuming and ineffective writing your own training material can be. We also recognise the frustration of purchasing poor-quality training material that does little to help deliver quality teaching and training.

Consequently, RTO Materials strive to provide only the highest-quality of training materials, designed to make the jobs of colleges and training centres easier and more effectual.

Here at RTO Materials we believe our many years of experience in the industry enables us to provide the best materials for our thousands of RTO customers.

Centred on flexibility

RTO Materials offers an exceptionally broad range of training courses to cater for the needs of colleges and training centres of different fields and industries. We believe in making courses as flexible as the lives of those studying for the qualification.

With flexibility at the core, when purchasing course materials from us, you have the choice of buying individual units or whole packages. Whatever package you are purchasing, you can choose the elective you want, giving you and your students the flexibility modern life demands. Furthermore, we do not charge extra to choose the electives you want.

Constantly updated

Another reason RTO Materials shines as a top training resource provider is the fact that all of our prices are inclusive of any updates that might be made to course materials. For example, if a unit is superseded, we will provide the update for that unit for no additional cost.

Fully editable

Adding further convenience to our course materials is the fact our comprehensive range of training documents come in both Word and PowerPoint and are fully editable. In fact as soon as the purchase has been made, you can immediately edit the material.

Our straightforward licensing agreement enables you to not only edit the materials, but use them as much as you want in any location and print them off whenever and wherever you desire.

With RTO Materials, the choice is yours.

For more information on any of our course materials, please contact: sarah@rtomaterials.com.au