Australian VET sector geared towards making graduates job-ready

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With high levels of unemployment surrounding many fields of study, the ‘job-readiness’ of those in training and education is a pressing issue on the shoulders of educators in Australia. According to a recent report from, those graduating from fields such as social science, humanities and a whole host of other disciplines, are struggling to become employed in the first four months after graduating.

Determined to improve graduate employment levels, the VET sector in Australia has made refining the quality of training and assessment a top priority. So urgent is the need to improve training and assessment standards that a new set of regulations came into force at the beginning of 2015.

The new regulatory standards are aimed at strengthening links between educational institutions and training providers and industry. The new standards are also geared towards ensuring course material is relevant and that trainers have the right industry knowledge and skills to ensure students are equipped with the relevant knowledge and experience to enter the workforce when they finish education or training.

Responsive to industry and learner needs

One of the new regulatory standards requires the training and assessment strategies of RTOs to be ‘responsive to industry and learner needs.’

The new regulation states:

“Engaging with industry stakeholders is critical to ensuring training and assessment is aligned to current methods, technology, products and performance expectations.”

Reiterating the importance of creating graduates who are sufficiently skilled and trained for entering the job market, Criterion Conferences wrote in its Graduate Employment in Australia infographic:

“Employability is a crucial and topical issue for tertiary educators. Producing graduates who are adequately skilled and work-ready is the key to enhancing graduate employment rates and overall competitiveness in the sector.”

Since forming in 2009, RTO Materials have been dedicated to delivering top-quality training materials that is ‘responsive to industry and learner needs’ and which will ultimately help educators and training providers deliver the best possible training and education to their students.

From helping students become ‘job-ready’ by enabling trainers to provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the workforce, to providing materials for courses designed to help employers and managers manage teams and employees more effectively, RTO Materials support the drive to improve training standards and to bridge the gap between training providers and educators and industry.

For example, our Motivating Your Employees package offers high-quality training materials designed to motivate workforces and make them feel more valued, responsible and productive. The package is designed to ensure trainers, supervisors and managers have the correct tools to create and nurture a motivated workforce and craft the corporate champions that will assist company success.

For more information on RTO Material’s quality courseware designed to help training centres and education institutions assist people into work and when they are in employment help them thrive and develop, contact RTO Materials.