Why Learning Management Systems are a crucial part of online learning resources

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The learning environment in the modern era has undergone immense changes. In the digital age, teachers, training providers and learners benefit from a myriad of learning resources available to them from the convenience of their own computer and without the former geographical constraints. Online learning resources are becoming increasingly sophisticated, prevalent and effective, and none more so than Learning Management Systems (LMS).

LMSs are essentially online or software applications which enable education and training providers to deliver their resources or content to learners. They enable effective management and delivery of online learning resources.

A centralised source of learning

Learning Management Systems bring a number of benefits, including offering a more centralised source of learning. Crucial learning components, such as the content for training, development and performance, are all offered from the same central source. This enables greater consistency in both the delivery and evaluation of the materials. Users can therefore benefit from receiving resources and content via the same method.

Customised training

Many LMS systems provide users with customised training modules, which can be modified and updated to cater for the individual user’s specific requirements.

A user’s performance can also be enhanced by a LMS through the system’s tracking and reporting tools. Progress can be tracked, recorded and reviewed, consequently helping users perform better.

Employers and training providers are also able to offer courses through web-based and instruction-led forms of training, such as webinars. Records can then be analysed and evaluated to determine which areas require improvement and what additional effort learners need to apply to achieve better. In short, Learning Management Systems give users the unique ability to ‘manipulate their learning pace.’  

Easy upgrades

Due to the fact these systems offer a centralised location for information, upgrades are also easy to deliver, meaning product descriptions, specifications and requirements can be modified and upgraded with ease.

All in all Learning Management Systems offer a more simplified learning process, based on personalised platforms of learning that is integrated and enriching.

RTO Materials’ progressive online learning resources

RTO Materials has always prided ourselves on delivering a comprehensive and high-quality range of online learning resources. All of our training resources and training course materials can be downloaded and used straight away. All of our materials are available in Word and PowerPoint and are fully editable, meaning providers have greater flexibility to deliver courses and training the way they want to.

Intent on being at the forefront of advances in online resources and tools, RTO Materials is delighted to announce that our LMS system will be available from September 2015. Furthermore, this service will be free to anyone who has purchased materials from us.

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