How RTO Materials offers the flexibility you need with our quality course materials

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Here at RTO Materials we understand that RTOs require flexibility in their course materials and resources they can adapt and mould for their individual learning requirements and objectives.

Consequently, we provide colleges and training providers with the flexibility they need with our quality course materials. So how exactly do we deliver flexible course resources, as well as quality ones?

You can choose your own electives

In any of our course packages, you can decide which elective units you require materials for and only get the resources you need.  This flexibility in choosing your own electives means the materials and resources you use are linked to the specific learning situations you are delivering.

Add electives

Where you are purchasing a complete qualification, you can add more electives of your choice from the electives we have listed, to your cart, providing you with flexibility to make additional elective purchases.

Use as much as you need

RTO Materials appreciate that some providers may require more materials than others, and our course resources can be used as much as you need. There are no limitations on how much you can use the materials and no additional fees, giving RTOs the freedom and flexibility to rely on the materials as often as they require.

Buy individual units

Instead of purchasing complete packages, RTOs buying our course materials can choose individual units, which can be selected and bought instantly online.

Contextualising and branding materials

All of RTO Materials’ resources can be contextualised and branded so they resonate your own branding and are more ‘in-keeping’ with your individual brand and personality.

Purchase online content

Being at the forefront of course material advancements and evolution, RTO Materials recognise the increasing demand to have course materials online. As a result, we offer all of our content online, giving you greater flexibility to choose how you want your resources available. For a small additional fee of $99 per unit or $999 per qualification, you can buy our online license.

How you have the online resources delivered is entirely up to you. You can either tweak the materials to ensure they are suitable for delivery online, or you can choose to have them available in our Learning Management System (LMS), which is customisable for online delivery. At just $5 per student per unit, RTO Materials offer the best value LMS in the market.

As you can see, flexibility and having the ability to customise and mould course materials so they satisfy your individual training requirements, is at the core of all of RTO Materials’ top-quality learning resources.