A look at what RTO Materials' course resources contain

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RTO Materials offer quality and flexible course materials for both individual units and complete qualifications. If you opt for buying the resources for a complete qualification, you are able to choose the electives you require, as long as they are available and, of course, applicable.

So what exactly does RTO Materials’ course resource units contain?


All of the units comprise of Assessment Criteria and Definitions, Assessment Matrix/Mapping Documents, Evidence Document, Leaner Guide, Instructor Workbook, Learner Workbook, PowerPoint presentation, Session Plan and a Version History, where applicable. All of RTO Materials’ course resources are available in both PowerPoint and Word.


Regularly updated materials


In order to be compliant with any new standards that may emerge and new requirements that are introduced, all of RTO Materials’ course resources are appropriated updated so that they maintain relevancy, accuracy and quality.


This however, is not applicable when a unit, package or qualification has been superseded. In this instance the purchaser will be offered the new materials for a fair price.


All updates to our course materials are provided for no extra cost. Our team will inform you by email if an item you have purchased has been updated. The updated material will then be available to collect from your account with RTO Materials. We supply all of our updated course resources with a comprehensive Version History document, which provides details about the amendments that have been made, in case you would like to update your own edited versions of the course materials.


RTO Materials’ LMS


As well as being available in both Word and PowerPoint, all the course resources bought through RTO Materials can be used for online training with students in our Learning Management System (LMS). All of our materials have been modified by the RTO Materials’ team specifically with digital delivery in mind, meaning RTOs can be up and running online straight away and for no additional cost.


You can find out more about our advanced, easy to navigate and quality LMS here.


Meanwhile, if you cannot find the course materials you are looking for on our website, get in touch and let us know your requirements, as we may already be writing the materials or could write them for you.