Why RTO Materials ensures all our materials are updated

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At RTO Materials we always ensure all of our course materials are updated so that they are in-line with any new standards and requirements that may have been introduced. Being a high quality, professional and experienced course materials provider for the RTOs, we understand the importance of regularly updating materials so they adhere to new changes, requirements and standards. Take a look at the reasons why RTO Materials ensures all our materials are updated so they are in line with new standards and requirements.

Maintaining accuracy, quality and relevance

RTO Materials’ is driven by an ethos to provide course resources that are of a high quality, are accurate and are always relevant. When a course undergoes changes and is updated in any way, we are quick to update the materials for the specific unit or qualification, as a means of maintaining our drive to provide materials that are accurate, of a high quality, and are still relevant.

Compliant with changes and new standards

New standards and requirements can be introduced quickly ensuring compliancy, we regularly update our resources so they reflect such changes and remain compliant.

Free of charge

Not only do we keep a firm eye on any updates and changes that might occur to courses and modify our materials accordingly, but all our updates are provided free of charge. If you have purchased a unit, qualification or a package and an update is made, we will get in contact, informing you of the update and you will be able to collect the updated product from your RTO Materials’ account.

Version History document

All of our updated products are accompanied with a comprehensive Version History document. This Version History document provides details of the changes that have been made to the course materials. This then enables our customers to make changes to their own edited versions of the course materials, should they need to.

The only exception to our course updating service is when a unit, qualification or package is superseded. In this case, our customers are offered a fair price for the new materials.

Always ready to provide help, support and advice

Our friendly, close-knit team of professional course material providers are always on hand and ready to listen to any questions, queries and concerns our customers may have about updates to courses or our materials in general.

If you have any questions about our course resources or have a question about a specific course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, as we’re always happy to provide support, as well as welcoming any feedback.