New V5 Updates

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RTO Materials are focused on providing the best possible resources for our customers and we have been working hard on making valuable changes to our resources. With that in mind, I wanted to let you know that we have recently introduced our new V5 format.

Every unit we write from now will be in this new and improved format. We’re also making our way through our existing catalogue of resources to implement the new changes brought with this V5 format. Remember, we offer updates completely free of charge so you can get your hands on these updated units! Any updated units that you’re entitled to will be automatically added to your account.


So, what’s in our new V5s? We’ve developed this new format to make things easier to understand as well as simpler to use, for both assessors and learners. Whilst some documents have retained the same title and been changed minimally, there have also been several substantial changes made. There is now a Cover Sheet for each unit which acts as the front page, detailing all the specifications for the course as well as providing a summary of each document. The Assessment Matrix and Session Plan documents have been made more user-friendly, with unnecessary boxes being removed. The Instructor Workbook has been replaced by the Assessor Workbook which contains questions and answers for each activity. This includes the Summative Assessments, which were formally titled as Skills and Knowledge Activity and Major Activity. The Summative Assessments have been designed to ensure the greatest coverage of the course specifications, as well as provide a mixture of written activities, practical tasks and workplace simulations so that learners can demonstrate full competence. As well as this, an Observation and Demonstration Checklist is now included for each unit, with sections for both assessors and third parties. The observations are now more detailed. For each observation, bullet points are given as guidance to show the third party/assessor what must be observed and these are directly tied to learning objectives found at the start of each chapter in the Learner Guide. Finally, there is also now a Learner Evidence document which the learner can use to record details of evidence they will provide to the assessor as proof of meeting given criteria.


We believe our new and improved format is much more audit friendly. Remember, we always guarantee an audit pass.


So, how do you know if your units have been updated? Our automated system helpfully emails customers with information regarding updates, so expect a few emails soon! Alternatively, you can simply log into your account and view ‘My Downloads’ – any resources that have been updated since you last downloaded them will be highlighted in yellow. How helpful! You’ll always know exactly which resources to download. Once downloaded, there will be a ‘Version History’ document; this gives you the details about what exactly has been done within the update. We know a lot of our customers contextualise our resources, so this ‘Version History’ document gives you the opportunity to add our changes into your already-contextualised versions of our resources, rather than having to start from scratch. Great, I know!