New! Subscription Training Packages

Due to the overwhelming demand for our subscription service, we've decided to simplify our subscriptions into two tiers - this makes it easier to find the plan that suits you.

See our new plans below *

* Existing subscriptions unaffected by price changes and will be honoured for the full length of the contract

Standard Premium
$5,999 per year
100 Units
All Units CPD Accredited
Audit Guarantee
Word / PowerPoint Formats
SCORM / Moodle Formats
Free Lifetime Updates
All Documents Editable / Customisable
Customer Support
Complete Set Of Training Materials

Why subscribe?

We are passionate about what we do and we have been helping RTOs big and small grow their businesses for 10 years. Subscribing to our library makes it easier than ever to do this.

A subscription will grant you access to as many training materials as you need and more. Having more means being able to offer your customers a greater choice of electives. Also, why not consider offering training you don't have on scope? Many employers and students are very happy to complete training that gives a certificate of completion rather than a formal qualification. This is because they know that the quality of the training and subsequent improvement in skills is the same.

With our Premium subscription, you can suddenly offer training for over 175 qualifications overnight, without the pain of going through an audit or adding to scope. Your students will now have a vast choice of electives, so qualifications can be customised to their needs. This makes it a more appealing prospect to them and earning you more business at the same time. If you choose the Premium level, you will pay just $9,999 and get access to all the learning resources in our library and any new units. This is great insurance for when a training package or unit of competency is superseded. With no hidden fees or extra charges, this is by far the cheapest and best value package for Australian learning resources available on the market. As it is all-inclusive, it will afford you the chance to expand your business at minimal cost.

We will still give our usual compliance support; that is, if materials require rectification at audit, we will do this straight away at no charge.

Terms of Agreement

The contract will be for two years only. So, if you opted for the Premium subscription, you would pay $9,999 when you initiate the service and again in 12 months. You are free to cancel the subscription after this time or continue with your subscription and use of the training resources. If you decide to cancel, you will be required to delete the learning materials you have subscribed to at that point and confirm that you have done this. Obviously, once the subscription ends, no further use of the trianing materials can happen; however, we hope you will continue your subscription for many years.

All learning resources will continue to be editable and can be branded throughout your subscription term.